Review: VS Aliens by Yu Suzuki

13826628Oh my gosh, on a cuteness scale of 1 to 10, VS Aliens would be about 11! I really, truly loved it! It’s not the most magnificent manga out there, but it was definitely worth my time.

I don’t want to give any spoilers, because once you read the description, you’ll be hooked. You are dying to find out whether Sana Sakuma is really an alien, if she is dangerous or not, if reality is or is not what it looks like, etc. Some people might not appreciate it, but I thought that the mind-fuck games this manga played with my head were AWESOME! It grew in intensity just like it was supposed to, the feeling of uncertainty is present until the very end and.. well… I loved that so much! It felt like watching a thriller film or reading a thriller book.

The art was pretty simplistic, but it went really well with the story. Just the essential emotions, essential gestures, not too much embellishing: perfect! And then was the character-building. I really liked the characters, but the manga was too short to get attached to any of them. However, I did like Sana Sakuma’s personality, and her loyalty to her friend, Aya. It’s a friendship lesson right there, guys! The guy didn’t leave much of an impression on me, but he was standard cute and loveable.

All in all, I really liked this manga, story and characters and all, and I wish it had been longer. If I recommend it? HELL YEAH!


I got this copy to read from NetGalley. Find it there or on






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