Filme de animaţie japoneze care vă vor fura inima! / Japanese Animation Films That Will Steal Your Heart!


Nu vă voi plictisi cu multe cuvinte în postarea asta, voi încerca să păstrez totul short & sweet. Fiindcă de curând m-am uitat la un film de animaţie japonez, Mimi wo sumaseba (Whisper of the Heart) şi mi-a plăcut extrem de mult, o idee mi s-a format în minte: să vă recomand câteva filme de animaţie japoneze din toate cele pe care le-am văzut eu de-a lungul anilor (vreo 9 ani să tot fi trecut de când le-am descoperit…). În cazul în care vă întrebaţi, răspunsul e nu, filmele de animaţie Disney nu sunt singurele „desene animate” de pe planeta asta. Veţi vedea că cele japoneze au foarte multă substanţă, foarte multe lecţii de viaţă şi o melancolie dulce care nu poate fi găsită în altă parte. Ca să vă răspund şi la a doua întrebare, nu, nu sunt pentru copii neapărat. Ele pot fi văzute şi „gustate” la absolut orice vârstă. Încercaţi-le şi o să vă convingeţi!


I won’t bore you with too many words in this post, I’ll try and keep it short & sweet. Because I have recently watched a Japanese animation film, Mimi wo sumaseba (Whisper of the Heart), and because I liked it so very much, an idea formed inside my head: why not recommend you some Japanese animation films from all that I have watched throughout the years (at least 9 years have passed since I first discovered them…)? In case you’re wondering, the answer is no, Disney animations are not the only „cartoons” on this planet. You’ll see that Japanese animations are pretty profound, they offer many life lessons and have a sweet melancholy that you can’t find anywhere else. To answer your second question as well, no, they’re not necessarily for children only. They can be watched and enjoyed by everyone, no matter the age. Just give them a try and you’ll see for yourselves!

1. Whisper of the Heart – 1995

Maybe I’m a little bit biased, because I have just watched it, but it’s so, so good! It made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!


2. 5 Centimeters Per Second – 2007

I cried a river at this one, it’s THAT good! And the visuals are just stunning, at times I was simply crying because everything was so heartbreakingly beautiful! ❤


3. The Garden of Words – 2013

From Makoto Shinkai, the same director who created 5 CPS. Very beautiful and heart-warming story, the visuals are kickass as always! Loved it to bits!


4. Howl’s Moving Castle – 2004

The story is so wonderful, and there are lots and lots of subtle life lessons scattered throughout. This animation is a MUST!


5. Ocean Waves (I Can Hear the Sea) – 1993

I watched this one back when I was in highschool and I remember that I LOVED it! I watched it like 2 or 3 times, so that’s got to say something about it’s worth, right? 😀


6. Hal – 2013

This film was so unlike anything I had ever watched before, that I completely fell in love with it! It’s an absolute mindfuck, and it’ll leave you breathless by the end. Wonderful visuals, intelligent plot. Deadly combo, I’m telling you!


7. Hotarubi no mori e (Into the Forest of Fireflies’ Light) – 2011

Truth be told, I kind of knew how this one would end, but I still watched it. You want to know why? Because it was freaking awesome! I just can’t resist Japanese tales of demons and spirits! And this animation is like a fairy tale, so very beautiful, so very sad, so very gratifying.


8. Vampire Hunter D Bloodlust – 2000

Something dark, but uniquely amazing! The story is similar to that of Blade, for example, or Van Helsing, but with a twist. In this animation, there is no black and white, but only grey. I loved that about it! The characters are very well-drawn, the story is complex and pretty intense, the ending is, let’s say, wow. You’ll love it!


9. Final Fantasy: Spirits Within – 2001

This animation has benefited from a lot of attention worldwide, so I guess it’s possible you’ve seen it by now. But if you haven’t, you MUST! It’s simply amazing! The story is complex and puts the little wheels inside your head to work. You’ll have to experience it to believe it.


10. Honey x Honey Drops – 2006

Okay, so this one is not a film, it’s a mini-series: 2 OVAs, meaning 2 episodes, of 25 minutes each. It’s got beautiful characters, a love story (different from any normal type of love story) and … wait for it… lots of ECCHI! Don’t know what ecchi is? Look it up! 😀


Dacă sunteţi interesaţi să vedeţi filme de animaţie japoneze cu subtitrări în limba engleză, am găsit site-ul perfect pentru voi: AnimeGet! Pe unele dintre ele le puteţi găsi şi pe Youtube direct. Cu un search pe Google daţi de ele imediat. Vizionare plăcută! 😀



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