Week #2


Pfuai, a mai trecut o săptămână… Pe de o parte sunt tristă, fiindcă timpul trece atât de repede şi eu stau pe loc, pe de altă parte mă bucur că am ajuns la a doua postare din categoria Weekly Musical Obsessions. 😀 În ăstea 7 zile care au trecut, „obsesie” a fost cuvântul potrivit pentru a-mi descrie viaţa „muzicală”. Nu am putut să diger decât câteva melodii, pe care le-am ascultat în disperare şi pe care le puteţi vedea/asculta şi voi mai jos. Sper să vă placă! Aştept comentarii, sugestii, impresii, păreri, ecţetera, ecţetera. 😉


My God, another week has come and gone… On the one hand I’m sad because time passes by so, so fast and I’m still in the same place, on the other hand I’m glad I’ve reached the second post in Weekly Musical Obsessions. 😀 These past 7 days „obsession” has been the right word to describe my „musical” life. I could only digest a few songs, that I listened to on and on and on, and which you can also see/listen to below. Hope you like them! I’m waiting for comments, suggestions, opinions, etcetera, etcetera. 😉

#5 (I adored, and actually still do, Cris Cab’s Liar Liar, so me loving this song comes as no surprise)


#4 (Sia’s voice is ah-mazing! I can never get enough of her, and Chandelier is also a very cool song, albeit a bit too sad…)


#3 (Okay, guilty pleasures time. 😀 I lo-o-ove Nicole Scherzinger, and this tune is now my ringtone. Ka-boom)


#2 („Spring does not last forever/ And roses wilt in the end/ I’m in chaos, I’m in chaos,/ Think of me”. Seriously, now, if this isn’t perfection, I don’t know what is!!)


#1 („Fallait que je m’en aille, je n’étais plus moi”… Indila, a princess of old, in disguise, that’s how I see her. She’s simply incredible, starting from her looks and down to her voice that is just so out of this world!)



###specialawardgoesto (I ALWAYS get major goose bumps when I listen to this song! And the video made me cry the first time I watched it… Our planet is so, so beautiful, and we should do our best to keep it that way!)



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